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Dec 18

A look at diesel cars

Recently you read in the papers: “Diesel is dead: diesel cars almost always the most expensive option”. Barely 3% of private drivers supposedly still make use of diesel because they drive more than 18,000 miles per year. The reason for this article was the government's decision to abolish the tax advantages and to set the excise for 2018 equal to that for petrol cars. It is of course true that these decisions have an influence on whether or not we buy diesel or petrol cars but, on the other hand, the article is too ’black and white’. There are many factors that influence the purchase of a car and it would be our pleasure to explain all of that to you in this article.

Range and prices

If we look at today's second-hand market we notice that the range of diesel cars is much greater than that of petrol cars. Because of the bigger range the prices of second-hand diesel cars are often lower than the same type for petrol. There is of course also a much wider choice, which is more interesting for you as the client.


The costs of driving a diesel car are still lower. Even if the road tax is somewhat higher and the excises on fuel are equalised, a diesel engine generally consumes a few litres less than the same car with a petrol engine.

The engine

Diesel engines have more torque, which is a good thing if you often drive with a heavy load or you have to pull a trailer. The number of kilometres per year is of less importance for the engine. What is important, however, is that now and again you make longer journeys. Daily trips of 5 to 10 kilometres block the soot filter and eventually cause problems.

Low emission zone

Some cities have recently introduced low emission zones, and others will follow. Euro 3 diesel cars (or lower) without a soot filter are no longer allowed in these cities. In 2020 the rules will be tightened and you will need a euro 5 or 6 diesel car. From 2025 only euro 6 diesel cars will still be allowed in the low emission zones.

95% of the cars on sale at Verschueren Autos are euro 6 and only a limited number of cars are euro 5 or lower.


Do not be alarmed right away, but carefully weigh up all the pros and cons. As far as we are concerned diesel cars are certainly still interesting. You can always come to us for more info or specific questions.