What is deep cleaning?

For us deep cleaning means bringing your car back to as-new condition. Where a carwash ends after a superficial cleaning of the bodywork, deep cleaning goes further. Much further.


The entire bodywork is cleaned, including wheel wells, lock plates and the engine compartment. Everything is thoroughly dried and blown out where necessary. Then we start to remove any tar residues and dead insects. Remaining dirt is gummed off and deeper scratches are, if necessary, gently sanded. The whole car is then polished up and a healthy-looking, glowing paintwork appears. As a finishing touch the car is polished with extra attention to the chrome.


Our interior team also goes further, much further. We start by vacuum-cleaning the car to the last grain of sand. The last bits of dirt are also sucked up from under the seats and in all the holes. Air grilles are cleaned and roof material is treated with soap. Finally we shampoo the seats and the car is deodorised. A wonderful fresh feeling when you step in!


Every car is different. Be sure to visit us for a no-strings offer, customised for your car.